Engagement Shoot

If you’re anything like me, choosing vendors can be super hard. There are so many to choose from, all with their own qualities, packages, whatever, and that simple act of deciding can just take all the fun out of the process of organising your wedding.

Of all the vendors you are looking to hire, the photographer is perhaps one of the most important in the process. I mean, outside of the happily married couple, who else will you be spending most of the day with? It is so important to vibe with the photographer. We do more than just take your picture. We will act as your advisor, guidance counsellor and zen master (for making the day as relaxed as can be).

So you can get to know me before you make your decision on who to hire, I am offering free engagement shoots for a limited time. There is absolutely no obligation to hire me at the end (but I hope you do!). I just want to meet you, take a few pics, and let you decide if you like my style.

To sign up for the free engagement shoot, just fill in the following form and ill get in touch to organise a time.

I cant wait to meet you!