Zee and Joe

Super excited to share Czarlette and Joe’s Surry Hills engagement session. When I began composing this story, I wasn’t really sure what to call this session. A bit of an engagement session, a bit of a “lets just hang out making cool pictures”. These two are some of my best mates. Ive known Joe for years and he and Czarlette have become super close friends through our common love of touch footy, craft beer and sh*t stories.

Anyway, these two were due to get married earlier this year in Bali (how good!), until the dreaded coronabomb hit and ruined 2020 for everyone (how not good).

And so, this wasn’t really an engagement session, nor was it a wedding? Just a bit of fun, chasing the light on an overcast day, through the streets of Sydney’s Surry Hills. Either way, it was a lot of fun and I am stoked with how the images turned out.

Here’s to celebrating their wedding next year in Bali (fingers crossed!)


This is such a beautiful session! What a great way to mark your Shoulda Been Wedding day!

I love how intimate their photos feel, these are beautiful.

Well this just hits all the checkboxes! Gorgeous couple – CHECK. Her outfit – CHECK CHECK! Gorgeous location in Surry Hills – CHECK! A Bali wedding to be – CHECKITY CHECK CHECK! This engagement session is perfect!

It’s such a beautiful session (even if you’re not sure what to call it!) – they look so in love!

What a stunning couple! And her ring is absolute goals!

Ah Covid really has messed with plans! These photos are so intimate and special. They look so happy!